ARC Power in CNN Business

ARC Power in CNN Business this week:

ARC Power has been recently featured on CNN regarding the growing energy mix within Rwanda and the Rwandan Government’s aim of 100% energy access by 2024.

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ARC Power in the FT

ARC Power in the FT this week:

ARC Power has set up 75% of the AC solar mini-grid connections in Rwanda, where their primary focus is, with plans to expand into Malawi and Uganda this year.

“I think there’s an advantage leapfrogging traditional grid infrastructure with distributed power, and that’s what we’re addressing,”
Karl Boyce, CEO

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ARC Power in partnership with EEP Africa

ARC Power is working with EEP Africa to provide clean cooking technologies to our off grid solar communities in Rwanda.

Our reliable AC mini-grids are able to provide power to communities not connected to the national grid.

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ARC Power to open new Solar Business Parks across Rwanda

Rwanda’s first Solar Business Park- built and entirely powered by ARC Power- has opened its doors to the people of Mahama in the Bugesera District. With several more in the pipeline, the Parks will provide a home for local businesses and aim to further empower the country’s rural communities where commercial activity has hence far been limited due to a lack of electricity.

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British startup to open ‘Solar Business Parks’ in Rwanda

Rwanda's Leading English Daily newspaper ‘The New Times’ reports on ARC Power plans to open 45 new Solar Business Parks in the country over the next two years, connecting a total of 250,000 Rwandans. By the end of 2021 alone, ARC is looking to power the creation of more than 100 new local businesses.

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Rwanda Embracing Solar Energy – Interview with ARC Power CEO Karl Boyce

ARC Power Founder and CEO Karl Boyce sat down with Eurasia Review to discuss how solar mini-grids have become an important part of the Rwandan energy mix, helping to create jobs and opportunity in remote regions. The interview charts ARC’s recent growth and the impact the company is having on Rwanda, a country that is increasingly adopting solar energy due to its affordability and accessibility.

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East Africa’s Electric Motorbikes Are Fuelling a Carbon-Free Future

ARC Power is to pioneer a first pilot of battery swapping units for electric motorbikes in partnership with sister company ARC Ride in Rwanda. ARC Ride’s fleet is leading the fast-paced transition to electric vehicles in East Africa by competing with the region’s petrol-powered motorbike taxis. Utilising ARC Power grids to generate this electricity through solar will help create an end-to-end sustainable transport system.

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