How it Works

Scalable, solar hybrid solutions in Africa

ARC Power is

Solar power with a difference

ARC Power is solar power with a difference. We integrate our proprietary smart systems with off-the-shelf highest quality components and employ people from local communities to build complete off-grid power systems (ARCs) for families and businesses.

Built to

National Grid Standards

ARC hubs are safely designed and constructed in line with the high standards and specifications set out by the National Grid. Installation follows strict quality criteria and meets the standards of national utility providers.


Low maintenance

We design-out obsolescence by using off-the shelf, tried-and-tested components from leading edge manufacturers. Once up and running, an ARC is managed remotely through cloud technology, providing a low maintenance solution.

Leading and proven technology in the renewables industry in Africa.

We are

Affordable. Reliable. Clean.

An ARC hub comprises:

  • Solar panels to generate DC power from the sun, a plentiful resource in Equatorial Rwanda.
  • Power inverters to convert DC power into AC power for use in the community.
  • Lithium batteries, to store surplus power until needed: early in the morning, before sunrise, and late in the evening, after sunset.
  • Communications hardware is controlled and managed through cloud technology so that we can make sure that everything is running correctly.
  • Meters for every home, so customers pay only for what they use, and to facilitate real-time power top-ups through our cloud-based system.

By 2040, an estimated 140 million Africans could access electricity from mini-grids.

Rwanda is a densely populated country with a population of 12 million, but more than 6 million people are still without power. ARC Power’s new Strategic Power Partnership (SPP) business model addresses this energy poverty and the challenges faced by traditional mini-grids in a highly scalable way.

With the introduction of a new approach to expanding the national grid infrastructure and installing distributed renewable energy assets, through innovative financing mechanisms, ARC Power is maximising impact, making energy access financially feasible on a much larger scale.

Our ARC hubs

Simple. Scalable. Sustainable.

Our ARC hubs are transported in standard 20-foot shipping containers. On arrival at the installation site, the container serves as a housing for the ARC. A single ARC hub can be installed and connected within 2 weeks.

Our modular solar generation systems are scalable, allowing for expansion in line with long term demand growth.