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Scalable, solar hybrid solutions in Africa

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Our mission is to build a pan-African clean utility company, delivering the most scalable and cost-effective distributed renewable energy. ARC Power has a proven track record with the most efficient operations and the lowest known Cost-per-connection in the industry. We have developed the largest pipeline across the continent and have the systems and skills in place to scale rapidly, providing the opportunity for investors to be part of our strategy of leapfrogging to the next generation of hybrid distributed renewable energy in Africa.

"Power Everyone"

ARC Power has a pipeline and government support to deliver 250,000 connections across Rwanda, Mozambique, Malawi and Zambia.

With over 10 years of experience working in the region, our team have built strong relationships with the local communities and government. Together, we can help get off-the-grid communities on the road to prosperity by providing affordable, reliable and clean power for all.

600m people in Africa still do not have access to reliable power

This is

The Growth Plan

  • Full roll-out of 250,000+ connections to a connect more than 1 million people to first time power.
  • Transfer knowledge and skills to locally recruited teams, creating jobs that provide long-term support for the project.
  • Expand Hybrid Distributed Renewable Energy model to provide access to electricity to 2 million people by 2027.
  • Expand the business to other countries in the region.

Why Africa?

There has been increasing attraction for investors in the solar power generation sector in Sub-Saharan Africa as the continent receives the highest amount of solar irradiation on its surface, making the economics even better.

More than 30 countries in Sub-Saharan Africa have already set targets for increasing electricity generation from renewable sources with portfolios becoming increasingly focused on solar.

Rwanda facts & figures...

One of the top 10%

fastest growing economies in Africa.

(World Bank)

One of the safest

countries in the world.

(Gallup Global Law & Order Report)

Ranked 41st place globally

& 2nd place in Sub-Saharan Africa for ease-of-doing-business.

(World Bank)

Ranked in the top 3

least corrupt nations in Africa.

(Corruption Perception Index)

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Our scalable off-grid generation hubs provide Affordable, Reliable and Clean power to rural households and businesses. We supply continuous, productive use, high-voltage power, empowering homes and businesses to thrive. Our proprietary smart systems are integrated with off-the-shelf technologies, allowing for continuous cost and efficiency improvements. For further information regarding how you can become part of our plans through investment opportunities, get in touch with a member of our team.

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