Building Communities

Scalable, solar mini-grid solutions in Africa

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Open to all

Right from the start, we’re working with the communities in Rwanda for each new ARC installation. When we arrive in a village, we meet with the residents to explain what’s happening and answer questions. Anyone who would like a connection to power is invited to sign up.

There are no connection fees, installation fees, or upfront costs of any kind. Instead, every household to sign up receives free light fixtures and power sockets in preparation for connection day.

Empowering communities through affordable, reliable and clean power.

Over the years, we’ve earned the trust of local people in the communities we work in. People have opened their hearts and their homes to us, and everything we do is focused around them.

600+ million people in Africa do not have access to power

The Power of

Local teams

With staff employed in Rwanda, we start by designing the power distribution network. Then the Distribution team installs the distribution poles and cabling around the village from the ARC hub to each home. All work is done to National Grid standards. In parallel, our ARC team unpacks and builds the containerised ARC hub, ready for testing.


Each ARC connected home has its own electricity meter, so that our customers only pay for the power they use. When it’s time to top-up the meter, everything is completed using the customer’s mobile phone. ARC Power is registered with Rwanda’s mobile network operators, so that payments and top-ups go through in real-time.

The mobile network operator passes the top-up request and the funds to our Grid Management System via the cloud. The Management System then sends top-up instructions to the local ARC hub. Finally, the ARC hub tops up the customer’s own electricity meter by the correct amount. The whole process takes seconds, from start to finish.