ARC Power connect Zam Zam Primary School

In July this year, ARC Power connected Zam Zam Primary School in Kasebigege village, Bugesera District in Rwanda. The newly renovated school now welcomes over 300 local children aged between 3-6 years old. Zam Zam Primary School is a much-needed educational centre for the local community who were previously having to travel long distances with their young children to reach a school, meaning that many missed out on early years education.

Through connecting the school to affordable power, the teachers and children can realise their full learning potential by maximising the use of the school’s computers and other equipment. Zam Zam Primary School is also delighted to be able to provide food for the whole school community on a daily basis.

On connecting the school, ARC Power CEO, Karl Boyce said: “We are delighted to connect Zam Zam Primary School to affordable power and that the local community now have access to quality education for their children close-by.”

Christine Tuyisenge, Head Teacher at Zam Zam School, is delighted with the improvements enabled through access to reliable power and commented:

“Power from ARC Power has helped us in many ways, but particularly in now allowing us to use computers to prepare reports for the children. Last year we increased the number of computers in the school and plan to get more in the next year, so children can have access. Some teachers now work in the evening to prepare better for their lessons the following day.

It has also made a difference with the cleanliness of the school as the cleaners can work in the evening to clean the school for the following days and are now able work more effectively.

We are now getting a water pumping machine in 2020, to provide 200 litres per day of clean drinking water for the children. This wasn’t possible before we had power from ARC Power.”