Rutobotobo is open for business

Following the successful installation of an ARC in Rutobotobo in January this year, businesses have been able to increase profitability and operational capabilities through access to affordable, reliable power. Many business owners can now extend working hours later into the day, improve efficiencies and working conditions.

There are now twenty businesses currently operating off ARC Power electricity in the Rutobotobo village centre. Due to the availability of affordable power, another four businesses will be starting up in the next two months and will be new customers for ARC Power.

On seeing how local businesses and the community are benefiting from being connected to power, ARC Power Systems Manager, Annabel Johnstone said:

"I think the ARC is a powerful entity in many ways, it feels brilliant to be part of the team making it work. It is a very clean, sustainable solution which makes use of state of the art technologies which will change lives not only in Rwanda but all over the world. The ARC's most powerful attribute is its position in the middle of the community, it is part of the community. Getting to know the community and seeing them smile has been extremely rewarding."

A great example of Rutobotobo’s thriving business community is the local barber shop which was busy with happy customers well into the evening when we visited recently!