ARC Power secure REPP funding for roll-out in Rwanda

After months of hard work by the ARC Power team, we are delighted to announce that we have secured funding from the Renewable Energy Performance Platform (REPP). REPP is funded by the UK government and managed by Camco Clean Energy. This funding will enable ARC Power to carry out a pilot scheme to install 8 solar mini-grid systems in Rwanda’s Bugesera District, before a national roll out which will total 220 mini-grids across the country.

Once installed, the pilot scheme will generate 3.5MW of clean electricity to nearly 150,000 people living off-grid in rural Rwanda. Rwanda is a densely populated country with a population of 12 million, but more than 7 million people are still without power.

ARC Power aim to empower the local communities through access to affordable, reliable and clean power, enabling businesses to open and prosper and improving educational and health facilities in the area. The simple, scalable system allows for expansion in line with long term growth.

Karl Boyce, CEO, ARC Power, said: “Our team at ARC Power have worked tirelessly in preparing for the initial pilot of our unique mini-grid systems in Rwanda. These will deliver significant benefits to the rural population who currently have no access to reliable, clean power. We have ambitious plans and securing a partnership with REPP and Camco is an important step to help us achieve our goals. We can now press forward to ensure ARC become the leaders in this sector.”