ARC Power Entrepreneurs Tariff Launch

“Seeing the empowerment and growth of our customers is one of my favorite parts of my job as a customer service team member. When I joined ARC Power in 2018, the Murama community was small shops, residential houses and empty land, but as time has gone on and more customers have connected to our minigrid, the area has rapidly developed. Commercial centres like saloons, shops, bars, butchers and more have opened as a result of the power we provide.”
Pamela Bigirimana, Customer Service Lead

Inspired by the willingness and growth of our customers, ARC Power has launched an entrepreneur tariff to support local business within our communities. One of our first customers, Jean Damascene Ndacyayisenga who owns six new commercial buildings, will benefit from being connected to this new tariff. He believes that the new entrepreneur tariff will allow him to further grow his business and attract new tenants.